DIY check & burlap decorations

I do love a good re-vamp, especially if it involves crafting! I decided to pluck out these old baubles I never use, and style them into a more cottagey look.

Burlap and check certainly go with the cottage / farmhouse theme I love, and I happened to have these bits around the house, meaning this DIY cost me nothing!

This tutorial could be done with whatever fabric you like, but if you want to create this exact style you will need:

  •  Baubles
  • Tartan / check fabric (something lightweight is easier to work with)
  •  Thin twine
  •  Burlap
  •  Glue gun, scissors


  1.  The first thing you want to do is cut your fabric into squares. The size of your bauble will dictate how big to cut the square, so I simply started at the corner of the fabric, placing the bauble in the centre of where I thought the square should be, and pulled the corner up to the top to check it would sit just above the metal top piece. IMG_0048
  2.  The next step after cutting your square is to place your bauble in the centre, and gather up all 4 corners to the top, tying around with a piece of thin twine just below the metal piece. I really like the pleated kind of look, so don’t worry too much about trying to get the fabric perfectly flat around the bauble! Use a piece of twine to create a new loop for hanging.IMG_0046
  3.  Now we add some decorative burlap. You want to cut this into a strip long enough to go around that piece of twine, plus an inch extra to create a cross over. Then use your glue gun to glue the burlap to the fabric, then a dot more under the cross over. Tie a piece of twine around that burlap to secure everything down nice and tight, then lastly trim the excess fabric from the top! IMG_0050

Aren’t these the cutest little puddings! I chose to hang mine from a piece of twine along our mantlepiece, but they would also look great on the Christmas tree.

IMG_0057 (2)

As you can see I went a bit bauble mad and did another DIY with white wool, where I simply wound the wool around the bauble (gluing as I went), then added a strip of the check fabric as a ribbon around the top, and glued on a faux leaf. Cozy!


This DIY marks the first of many Christmas decoration DIY’s I have for you, so stay tuned!

Claire x

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